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There is a growing concern about the environmental and health problems associated with waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE). GreenTek Reman is committed to advising on environmental issues and exercising fine practices to the best of its ability, in the area of environmental sustainability and more specifically e-waste. Pioneering a breakthrough in this industry, GreenTek Reman caters to one of the most critical and sensitive areas of e-waste management, i.e. recycling the accumulated electronic trash.

GreenTek Reman is an environmental consultancy offering a gamut of services with clearances and certifications from State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) and Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) towards safe and environment friendly disposal of E-Waste. GreenTek Reman with its corporate office in New Delhi and recycling facility at Greater Noida was established in 2012. Our recycling plant at Greater
e-waste recyclingNoida is spread over an area of 25,000sq ft and acts as a biggest strength in addressing the problem of e-waste getting hazardous to environment. Our objective is to provide an environmentally sound solution by reducing, reusing and recycling e-waste. Having said that, we are not only able to recycle general electronic waste found in businesses, but expands into other items such as small household appliances, photocopiers, printers, ATM machines and more.

Our capabilities include a suite of waste management services, such as e-waste management, environment consulting and recycling facility engineering. Additional practice areas include data security and handling hazardous substances.

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