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What is E-Waste? How E-Waste is recycled

E-waste is end-of-life electronics and electrical gadgets. In simple words, they are the broken, surplus or obsolete gadgets that run by electricity. It includes discarded equipments like computers, printers, tele-phones, TVs, fridges, toasters, electronic toys etc. This electronic trash is often the manufacturing waste of electrical and electronic units, office IT waste, and faulty consumer durables like mobile phone etc.

Why we need e-waste management?

Electronic waste, if not treated properly proved to be hazardous because of the metal presented in them. This hazardous waste contains metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, chromium etc which contaminate our land and water. Apart from these harmful metals, e-waste also contains many valuable metals like aluminum, copper, gold, silver etc. which can be recovered and should be reused to conserve the natural resources GreenTek Reman is well equipped with a separate R&D division and a highly automated facility for End-to-End e-waste recycling. At GreenTek Reman we recover up to 99% of recyclable products and dispose the highly hazardous waste. We believe in prolonging the lifespan of valuable materials by recycling all that we can. Hazardous Components obtained in this process are treated in environmental safe way & metal extraction is liquidated. The E-waste Recycling process consists of serveral steps. These steps can be illustrated as:

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Solution For Industry

GreenTek Reman is providing E-waste management services to its Corporate clients. GreenTek Picks EOL IT and mobile equipments from our corporate clients and recycle them to keep our environment clean.

Greentek Reman collects DOA(deal on arrival) and EOL(end of life) IT and mobile devices from its OEM(Original Manufacturer). This electronic waste is then recycled at our Greater Noida plant.

E-commerce companies like any other companies have IT devices that are either outdated or not in condition to use again. GreenTek recycle this outdated IT equipment and extract material from it.


PAN India logistics network for multi location e-waste disposal/asset recovery deals.

Greentek Reman can pickup e-waste from anywhere in India.

E-waste compliance consultancy.

At GreenTek, we provide consultation services to various companies and educate them about compliance regarding E-Waste that are to be followed in India.

Data sanitization for complete data security

Majorly Clients have concerns regarding safety of Data while discarding their IT equipments We Provide complete peace of mind to our customers with data sanitization services, through our Data wiping & Data Degaussers.

Compliance certificate for e-waste pickup.

GreenTek File a form3 for e-waste we pick from our client.

Green certificate for ISO compliance.

Certificate of utilization commonly known as Green Certificate is necessary to meet the ISO guidelines. After the E-waste recycling process is complete, Greenttek Reman issue a GreenTek Certificate.

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