European Union makes USB-C port obligatory for phones: The Bigger E-waste Picture

European Union officials have settled on the new regulations requiring a uniform charging port for smartphones and different devices. EU officials stated they had inked a provisional settlement on a ‘single charging solution’ for the products sold in the 27-country bloc. “Today, we’ve made the common charger a reality in Europe!” the European Parliament’s rapporteur […]


Environmental Benefits of E-waste Management

In today’s blog, we will discuss the environmental benefits of e-waste management. E-waste management is a process in which recycling changes waste into reusable material to prevent generating more e-waste. E-waste management is perhaps one of the most important activities we will embark on directly to positively affect the environment and ourselves. We stay in […]


Benefits Of E-Waste Management In India

Today’s blog discusses the many benefits of e-waste management in India. India is significantly deficient in precious mineral resources. Despite that, untreated e-waste goes to landfills, which creates a need for a well-designed, regulated e-waste recovery process that can help generate jobs and wealth. For the purpose of recycling e-waste, India majorly depends on the […]