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e-waste management in India

GreenTek Reman E-waste Management in India

In today’s technology driven world generating e-waste is a regular occurrence – whether as an individual or as a corporate – all the electronic devices that we use to make our life easier end up as e-waste when they reach their end-of-life. And as we’re the ones generating it, its responsible disposal is also our duty. We at GreenTek Reman help corporates across the country for proper & secure e-waste management in India.

We provide a gamut of services to big and small companies for proper e-waste management in India like Asset Life Cycle Management, including Asset Parts Recovery & Disposal, Data Security, Reverse Logistic, Underwriting of Assets, E-waste Management, and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) services.
With our clients we work towards a common goal of safeguarding our environment and fellow citizens, by following the principles of safe and secure e-waste management in India.

Benefits of GreenTek Reman’s E-waste Management in India

Protect the environment

Reduce business costs

Remain in compliance with e-waste management laws

Ensure confidential data protection by secure e-waste management

Our Clients

GreenTek Reman is APAC’s first R2v3 certified e-waste management & ITAD company. With our extensive industry experience and backed by a team of skilled technicians we are able to de-manufacture and recycle most electronic items like CRT monitors, Laptops, Computers, Televisions, Networking equipment Servers, MP3 Players, PDAs, Cell Phones, Photo Copier, Scanner, Printers, LCDs and PLCs.

Why GreenTek Reman E-waste Management in India?

GreenTek Reman’s e-waste management approach follows international standards and best practices for Sustainable Materials Management as no single waste management approach is suitable for managing all the materials and waste streams in all circumstances.