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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics or Reverse Supply Chain

All E-commerce companies, OEM’s and logistics companies have It should be challenge of DOA, customer return, carton damaged, warehouse damaged, or End of life(EOL) products. Reverse logistics is the process to re-evaluate, reuse, refurbish the maximum of products and properly dispose off the rest of the product.

GreenTek Reman undertakes the responsibility of reverse logistics for our clients. In addition to improved customer relationships, GreenTek ensures competitive monitory return based on efficient asset recovery. We have well equipped with a separate R&D division and a highly automated facility for End-to-End e-waste disposal. At GreenTek Reman we recover up to 99% of recyclable products and dispose the highly hazardous waste. We believe in prolonging the lifespan of valuable materials by recycling all that we can. Hazardous Components obtained in this process are treated in an environmentally safe way & metal extraction is liquidated. Recycle process can be explained under these steps.

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Reverse Logistic Process

Contract Signup

OEM's, E-commerce companies and logistic partners with greentek to pickup the user returned, DOA, carton damaged objects.

Collecting Damaged/ Returned/ EOL Inventory

When client request a pickup, Greentek Reman team act to pickup electronic equipment from client side through PAN India logistics.

Repair /Refurbishing

E-waste is dismantled, shredded, separated(ferrous and non-ferrous) amd then EOL products are recycled in our plant.

Asset Recovery & Liquidation

GreenTek ties to maximize the re-utilization of the electronic products It should be received through reverse logistics. Assets recovered in this process are remarketed.

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Solution for Industry

E-commerce companies face the problem of vast inventory that has been discarded, returned by clients or damaged when arrived. These inventory has been handed over to their reverse logistic partners who properly disposed after maximum utilization.
Greentek collects the DOA(dead on arrival), EoL(end of life) and mismatched inventory from its OEM partners. These products are processed for maximum reuse which is one of 3R's that has been base to this company.
Many products are destroyed or damaged while in transit. These products are collected by Greentek Reman logistic team and after recovering maximum from those product, rest is properly recycled in our plant.


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