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Both Logistics and distribution are crucial components of the efficient day-to-day operations of delivering goods from one point to another. They both generally relate to warehousing, stock control, and monitoring of the flow of goods before the movement.

Logistics & Distribution and E-waste Management

We assist in the transition of products from the client to the intended location. These products are collected by Greentek Reman logistic team, and after recovering maximum from those products, the rest is properly recycled in our plant.

At GreenTek Reman, we offer our clients a host of services to ensure that all their e-waste management needs are taken care of.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is similar to supply chain management. Still, instead of managing the supply of goods from the seller to the consumers, it starts from the end consumers and moves backward throughout the supply chain to the seller. It includes recycling, reclamation of raw materials, refurbishment, and reselling of items that have been restocked.

At GreenTek Reman, we take responsibility for all the reverse logistics needs for our clients. Additionally, we also provide best-in-class customer relationship services and ensure competitive monitory return based on efficient asset recovery.

Pan India Collection

As an e-commerce company, we understand that your e-waste collection and reverse logistic needs are spread across the country.

So, at GreenTek Reman, we have logistic agreements with Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd & Prashar Road Carrier (P)Ltd. empowering us to establish fifty-one pick-up zones across the country covering 20 states to ease our clients' e-waste management.


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