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E-waste is end-of-life electronics and electrical gadgets. In simple words, they are the broken, surplus or obsolete gadgets that run by electricity It includes discarded equipments like computers, printers, tele-phones, TVs, fridges, toasters, electronic toys etc.
IT & Mobility Asset Disposition

GreenTek Reman can help you in managing the end-of-life processes of your assets

Extended Producer Responsibility

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, India has recently published E-Waste...

Other Services

GreenTek Reman provides PAN India e-waste collection logistic services, data sanitization, awareness services...

Recycling & Metal Recovery

E-waste is end-of-life electronics and electrical gadgets. In simple words, they are the broken.

EPR Services

As per New e-waste management rule 2018, OEMs, Manufacturers, Producers and bulk consumers of electrical...

Reverse Logistics

All E-commerce companies, OEM's and logistics companies have challenge of DOA.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and...

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Our Testimonials

Mr. Karthik Ganesan
KOYO SMS (India) Private Limited
"We would like to thank Greentek Reman and place on record on very sincere appreciation for delivering your best services on the EPR registration to us. We are grateful for the positive attitude and endless support."
Mr. S Nair
Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited
"Thank you for the exceptional support that you have provided to us for the EPR management. The SPOC was extremely responsive and helpful and guided us through the entire process seamlessly.."
Mr. Pradeep Chakrabartty
ST Microelectronics
"Thank you Greentek Reman for accommodating our request for PCB destruction work at your facility on schedule of on last Saturday being second Saturday. We really appreciate the quick response and action on this.."
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