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A corporate refers to a collection of parent and subsidiary corporations that function as a single economic entity and have a common control source. Some popular corporate companies include Reliance, Tata, Infosys, etc.

Corporates and E-waste Management

All corporate companies have various hardware and software requirements from time to time according to their project needs. With the rapid advancements in the world of technology, companies often generate a lot of e-waste to stay technologically at par with their competitors.

GreenTek Reman, with its years of experience in the field of e-waste management, provides a host of services to ensure that all the e-waste management needs of their corporate clients are taken care of.

Here are the different services GreenTek Reman offers to help its corporate clients achieve their e-waste management goals.

Hassle free deployment and redeployment
At GreenTek Reman, we provide best-in-class hassle free pick up and drop services across the country from fifty-one locations to ensure easy e-waste management for our corporate clients.
E-waste Management Services
With the alarming rise in e-waste and its harmful impact on our lives as well as the environment, e-waste management has become the need of the hour.

At GreenTek Reman, we understand the seriousness of this matter and envisage providing our clients with holistic management plans to ensure all their e-waste management needs and goals are fulfilled.

GreenTek Reman Ltd. has all the necessary authorization from the appropriate governmental agencies for the processing facility and ensures proper recycling and disposal of e-waste. Greentek has the "R2v3 certificate" that makes us proudly stand among the top 10 e-waste management companies in the country.
ITAD Services
ITAD Company, which stands for IT Asset Disposition, is the answer to all your data privacy-related concerns while trying to dispose of your IT equipment and devices.

At GreenTek Reman, we help you manage the end-of-life processes of your assets, whether you're looking to deploy, redeploy, dispose of or recycle. From removing and recycling obsolete/old equipment to installing brand-new hardware, GreenTek Reman tailors each deployment program to suit your requirement.
Secure data destruction

Also known as secure data erasure, it is a method that involves software-based overwriting. Under this process, electronic data that resides on storage media is completely destroyed. Unlike other data destruction methods, this method ensures that hindered percent of all information is wiped, leaving the device operable and usable.

At GreenTek Reman, we perform data sanitization for complete data security through internationally approved degausser and highly secure software solutions.


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