Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is similar to supply chain management. Still, instead of managing the supply of goods from the seller to the consumers, it starts from the end consumers and moves backward throughout the supply chain to the seller. It includes recycling, reclamation of raw materials, refurbishment, and reselling of items that have been restocked.

At GreenTek Reman, we take responsibility for all the reverse logistics needs for our clients. Additionally, we also provide best-in-class customer relationship services and ensure competitive monitory return based on efficient asset recovery.

We have well equipped with a separate R&D division and a highly automated facility for End-to-End e-waste disposal. At GreenTek Reman, we recover up to 99% of recyclable products and dispose of highly hazardous waste. We believe in prolonging the lifespan of valuable materials by recycling all that we can. Dangerous Components obtained in this process are treated in an environmentally safe way & metal extraction is liquidated. The recycling method can be explained under these steps.

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Reverse Logistic Process

Contract Signup

OEM's, E-commerce companies, and logistic partner-up with Greentek to pick up the user returned, DOA, carton damaged objects.

Returning Damaged/ returned/ EOL Inventory

When a client requests a pickup, the Greentek Reman team picks up electronic equipment from the client's end through PAN India logistics.

Repair /Refurbishing

E-waste is dismantled, shredded, separated (ferrous and non-ferrous), and then recycled EOL products in our plant and the Hazardous waste is sent to TSDF.

Asset Recovery & Liquidation

At GreenTek, we try to maximize the re-utilization of the electronic products we receive through reverse logistics. The assets recovered in this process are remarketed.

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Features of GreenTek Reverse Logistics Services.

Solution for Industry

E-commerce companies face the problem of vast inventory that has been discarded, returned by clients or damaged when arrived. These inventory has been handed over to their reverse logistic partners who properly disposed after maximum utilization.
Greentek collects the DOA(dead on arrival), EoL(end of life) and mismatched inventory from its OEM partners. These products are processed for maximum reuse which is one of 3R's that has been base to this company.
Many products are destroyed or damaged while in transit. These products are collected by Greentek Reman logistic team and after recovering maximum from those product, rest is properly recycled in our plant.

Reverse Logistics Chain Management in Gurgaon: Refurbishment to Enhance Sustainability

We are living in a fast-paced era where everything is replaceable and refurbished. In a city like Gurgaon, where industry and technology are proliferating, the reverse logistics system in Gurgaon is gaining space in the daily industrialization areas. Reverse logistics promotes sustainability, recycling, and refurbishing dead and ended products. GreenTek Reman is a trusted and experienced supplier of reverse logistics management in Gurgaon. They can help you with e-waste management and IT asset disposal (ITAD) services.



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    Delivering Excellence in Reverse Logistics

    As a reverse logistics service provider, GreenTek Reman understands and addresses the various challenges associated with the process. Here’s how GreenTek Reman overcomes some common challenges:

    • Managing Product Quality: GreenTek Reman recognizes the importance of maintaining product quality throughout the reverse logistics process. To ensure this, we have implemented stringent quality control measures at every stage, including thorough inspections, testing, and refurbishment processes. By adhering to strict quality standards, our reverse logistics operations ensure that refurbished products meet or exceed customer expectations.


    • Minimizing Return Fraud: Return fraud can be a significant challenge in reverse logistics. GreenTek Reman tackles this issue by implementing comprehensive authentication and verification processes. We employ advanced technologies and expert personnel in our reverse supply chain management to detect and prevent fraudulent returns. By verifying the authenticity of returned products, GreenTek Reman reduces the risk of processing fraudulent claims.


    • Optimizing Transportation Routes: Efficient transportation is crucial in reverse logistics to minimize costs and reduce delivery time. GreenTek Reman utilizes advanced routing and logistics optimization software to streamline transportation routes. By leveraging technology, we can identify the most efficient routes, minimize fuel consumption, and optimize delivery schedules, ensuring timely and cost-effective transportation.


    • Dealing with Regulatory Compliance: Reverse logistics involves compliance with various regulations, such as environmental standards and disposal regulations. GreenTek Reman stays up-to-date with regulatory requirements and ensures compliance throughout the process. We follow environmentally responsible practices for asset liquidation,  recycling, disposal, and hazardous material handling, aligning our operations with relevant regulations and industry best practices.
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    GreenTek Reman provides comprehensive reverse logistics solutions, including efficient pickup services, product inspection, repair, refurbishing, and asset recovery. Partnering with us optimizes your reverse logistics process, leading to better customer satisfaction, cost savings, and revenue generation.

    Reverse logistics is the process of managing the flow of products back from consumers to businesses. It is important for businesses because it enables efficient product returns, repairs, refurbishments, and asset recovery, leading to improved customer satisfaction, cost savings, and sustainability.