Benefits Of E-Waste Management In India

Benefits Of E-Waste Management In India

Today’s blog discusses the many benefits of e-waste management in India.

India is significantly deficient in precious mineral resources. Despite that, untreated e-waste goes to landfills, which creates a need for a well-designed, regulated e-waste recovery process that can help generate jobs and wealth. For the purpose of recycling e-waste, India majorly depends on the unorganized sector as a limited number of authorized e-waste recycling companies are available. More than 95% of the e-waste is treated and processed in most urban slums of India, where unskilled labor carries out dangerous procedures without personal protective equipment, which are detrimental to their health and the environment.

Electronic recycling waste has become necessary for safe e-waste management in India to conserve energy and resources and save space that landfills cover. To better understand e-waste management in India, we will now look at some of the advantages.

Sustainable Management Helps Increase Affordability

In numerous situations, people prefer to dispose of an electronic device for the purpose of buying the latest technology and not because the current one has stopped working. If they donate their old gadgets to charity or resell them in a second-hand shop, it is possible for people who cannot afford to buy new electronic devices easily buy them. One should always consider that an electronic gadget that is no longer useful to them could be helpful to someone else!

Innumerable charities exist across the country that collects e-waste from people and then deliver them to different parts of the world for reuse.

E-waste management in India opens up opportunities for people who cannot afford such new devices to use and own them.

Save Landfill Space

By making use of services of e-waste management in India, one can decrease the space required for landfills – areas that are needed to cover waste materials. Ensuring that e-waste stays out of landfills reduces the space a landfill occupies; fewer microorganisms and plants are disturbed. These areas can perhaps be used for housing or agricultural purposes.

Save Natural Resources

The majority of the natural resources happen to be non-renewable. By implementing e-waste management in India, the valuable components can easily be separated and allowed to recover. This enables the production of new items using the exact same components. Doing so further helps in reducing pollution and saving resources and energy.

Increase in Employment

Executing sustainable e-waste management in India implies that only trained professionals can deal with electronic waste properly. Differentiating between reusable and non-reusable materials is a challenging task that requires an expert eye and a detailed knowledge of the product. The field of recycling has plentiful jobs. Many experts have obtained professional degrees in the recycling of electronic waste. Spreading awareness about electronics recycling means more people recycling, creating more jobs.

Removes Data Appropriately

Ensuring that data remains safe is becoming an increasingly important issue throughout the world. In most cases, people assume that they no longer exist on the computer because they have deleted files from their computer. But that is not always the case. To delete mobile phone and computer data, you need unique software systems and a thought-out strategy. Making sure that the data has been removed appropriately before getting rid of the electronic device is essential. People who do not defer to recycling laws or data security regulations face legal implications. E-waste management in India should ideally happen through certified recyclers.


Environmentalists have repeatedly talked about the need for e-waste management in India and what consequences will be faced by future generations if we are not careful today.

Time is of the essence, and we should start thinking about the present and the future generation and prefer sustainable development over development.

About GreenTek Reman’s E-waste Management Program  

Greentek Reman Pvt Ltd, a refurbisher of used electrical and electronic goods and dismantler of e-waste material, always prioritizes compliance with all the e-waste management laws and follows all regulations amended from time to time by the government authorities that oversee e-waste management in India.

We collect the e-waste of our products (sold in the refurbished category) through the following avenues:

  • Buy Back Schemes: At GreenTek Reman, we offer to buy back our customers’ old and used products (e-waste) at reasonably competitive prices. 
  • Cash Back Schemes: We offer to give cash back to our customers as an encouragement to bring their old and used products (e-waste). 
  • Collection Centers/Points: Our customers have the option to send their used/EOL products straight to our collection centers, a list of which is available on our website. 
  • Emails: We can create awareness among customers and help them understand the importance of recycling used/end-of-life products through educational emails.  

These are how we plan to bring back used products from our customers after the end of life.