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IT Asset

Explore the Benefits of It Asset Disposition with Greentek Reman

Businesses need to adjust to the quickly changing technology world of today. Not only to remain competitive but also to ease the environmental impact of their operations. IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), is a procedure that entails safely and responsibly disposing of obsolete or underutilized IT equipment. It is one of the important components that is […]

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e-waste management

Guide to Manage the E-waste Environment with Greentek Reman

In 2016, joint research by ASSOCHAM-NEC revealed that a mere 20% (8.9 tons) of the entire amount of electronic garbage generated in India was correctly collected and recycled. And leaving no evidence of the remaining electronic waste. As computer hardware makes up almost 70% of the e-waste stream, effective management is critically needed. The other […]

E Waste Management E Waste Recycling ITAD
Reverse Logistics System

Increasing Efficiency and Sustainability: Guide to Reverse Logistics System with Greentek Reman

Businesses are realising more and more how important reverse logistics system is to their supply chain management in this business environment.  The reverse logistics market is expected to reach USD 39.81 billion by 2027, according to the India Reverse Logistics Market Report 2022-2027. Furthermore, GreenTek Reman, a well-known ITAD service provider in Delhi, for its […]

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IT Asset

Using Sustainable It Asset Disposition to Change Corporate It Culture

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is a complex process that involves much more than just throwing away old equipment. It entails a thorough plan that considers environmental, economic, and information security factors. A well-organized IT asset disposition (ITAD) plan covers several important topics, such as 1)    Advising businesses on when to repair rather than replace […]

E Waste Management
E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Electronic Recycling: A Complete Guide to Sustainable Management

With over 50 million tonnes produced yearly, electronic garbage, or “e-waste,” has emerged as a critical global challenge in this era. Unusually, just 17.4% gets recycled, and 2.7% is recovered. According to UN estimates, if current trends continue, we may have an astounding 120 million tons of electronic trash by 2050. Cadmium, lead, antimony, nickel, […]

E Waste Management
Digital Waste Management Businesses

Top 6 Benefits of Digital Waste Management Businesses Should Take Note Of

Rapid technological advancement has made electronic garbage, or “e-waste,” an increasing issue in India and elsewhere. Electronics that are outdated, such as TVs, phones, laptops, and more, wind up in landfills where their constituent parts may leak and contaminate the surrounding area. Nevertheless, digital waste management is a sustainable alternative. The appropriate recycling and disposal of […]

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E Garbage Management

How E Garbage Management in Faridabad Can Manage Waste Sustainably

Faridabad generates 1500+ tons of municipal solid waste each day. This number is expected to double in the next decade with economic development and population growth. Currently, only 83% of the waste generated is collected by municipal authorities. The remainder lies unattended on streets and in water bodies, leading to unhygienic conditions, groundwater contamination and […]

E Waste Management
E-Waste: A Growing Concern in Today's World

E-Waste: A Growing Concern in Today’s World

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a growing concern due to a combination of factors related to technological advancements, consumer behavior, and inadequate waste management practices. Addressing the growing concern about e-waste requires a multifaceted approach that includes responsible manufacturing practices, extended producer responsibility, improved recycling infrastructure, etc. Effective e-waste disposal practices are a crucial component […]

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