6 Benefits of IT Asset Disposition Services for Office Assets

6 Benefits of IT Asset Disposition Services for Office Assets

Before delving into the benefits of IT asset disposition services, let us have a brief overview. A workplace is complete with old IT properties, from printers, and computers, to hard drives. Most of those electronics aren’t disposed of responsibly and turn out to be in the trash. The disposal of old electronics in landfills has numerous challenges. The risky substances inside them can pose a hazard to both humans and the environment.

A well-defined, systematic application to manage the disposition of retired IT assets is key to protecting your records, controlling your assets, maximizing price recovery, and meeting regulatory and company risk management requirements.

IT asset disposition (ITAD) programs are held to adapt and mature. Regulations requiring corporations to protect personally identifiable information (PII) of customers, employees, and stakeholders have become more restrictive. Data safety is a top priority. Companies seek data secure and environmentally compliant applications to manage potential dangers related to the unaccountable disposal of out-of-date equipment.

The high-quality manner to put off old electronics is to acquire IT asset disposition services through experts. They make sure that your old electronics are disposed of responsibly.

Disposition and Recycling

Disposition and recycling encompass a chain of steps to ensure your office assets are disposed of properly. This consists of wiping business statistics and recycling the computer or storage drive to gather used parts. Once IT assets have been removed, data destroyed, tagged for remarketing, and transported for processing; you’re ready for the IT assets disposition of your office assets.

Data Erasure

Reformatting a hard drive on a computer or laptop doesn’t erase any information. It removes your ability to look and access it by clearing the File Allocation Table. No business enterprise wants to end up in the news for an information leak, so this bit is critical. Every piece of equipment must have its information wiped. If you don’t want to destroy your equipment, data erasure is the only method of IT asset disposition to eliminate information stored on it.

Minimize logistics cost

Efficient transportation logistics can help reduce other supply chain expenses of your business among processing facilities. With an IT asset disposition program in place, a vendor would support everyday scheduling and well-timed communications and coordinate changes and special commands to facilitate the safe and secure removal and destruction of obsolete equipment. This decreased handling results in lowered logistics costs.

Recoup value

Gone are the times when ITAD became only a price factor. With an efficient IT asset disposition program, there’s a cost to be recouped by disposing of obsolete IT infrastructure. In the secondary market, your old computer systems and different IT devices still have some worth and could fetch some revenue that may bring in new ones.

Regulates Corporate Laws and Compliance

Responsible IT asset disposition includes compliance with numerous environmental, local/national, and company legal guidelines and regulations. Compliance also includes adherence to the rules and regulations specific to the industry your commercial enterprise falls under. Failing to stick would cause public embarrassment, trust breaches, and fines. 

Secure IT tracking and reporting

IT asset disposition program is a correctly tracked IT inventory that creates an audit trail to ensure compliance with data and environmental regulations and transparency in price recovery and fees. These reports are regularly the last deliverable at the end of the IT asset disposition process. An ITAD program guarantees that every asset is logged in an inventory, monitored, and tracked at some stage in the entire disposition process.


Managing growing older and end-of-life IT belongings may be complicated. GreenTek Reman helps take care of it for you. As fast as technology is evolving, there is an even faster rate of technology growing older. Our team makes sure all of your office’s IT asset disposition is done adhering to the set laws and regulations. We help compare the best financial return from your disposition alternatives and use environment-friendly practices.  To learn more about our IT asset disposition services, reach out to us at

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