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The Sustainable Method of Disposing of Your Waste Electronics

Technology is rapidly growing and as such very many of us change our gadgets often. This results in a new smartphone, tablet or laptop while the previous one is left to amass dust. But what is the best approach to dispose of the gadgets that are obsolete and still have an ecological friendly approach to the environment? Here are some tips to know the environmental friendly approach to green gadget recycling.

Determine Whether They Can Be Reused

Before you proceed to recycle your old electronics, try to determine whether they can still be used for some time. Others may still be able to use old cell phones, tablets, and laptops just as effectively as new ones for those with limited means of purchasing new devices. Give functional electronics to non-profit organizations which should make it a point to get such products to schools or families.

Also use old electronics that are often donated by the communities and workplaces. Go online, use social networks or ask your friends to help you find a nearby donation drive. It is possible to consider the possibility of asking friends and families if they would be willing to take the device before you dispose of it. Where a minor repair or even washing will be needed, it may just be what someone is looking for. Consequently, it is one of the greenest options to extend the usable life of electronics.

Wipe Your Data

If you are ever intending to sell, donate or recycle your gadget, be sure to erase all the personal data first. Take down photos, accounts, emails, contacts, and any other content that should not be available to the public. Resetting phones and tablets eliminates everything to ensure that when someone gives it to the next person, it does not possess material of a sensitive nature.

In computers, you can erase individually or write new data over the hard disk drive to completely clean the data. This helps to protect your personal details and allows the subsequent user to begin with a clear environment. Leaving your information exposed poses a risk for you to have your identity stolen in the future if the data is not cleared.

Find a Reputable Recycler

This is a good policy especially when the electronics in question are too old, damaged or are considered outdated for use. It is wrong to dispose of the gadgets through the normal dust bins which results in the production of e-waste making its way to the dumping grounds. However, it is also important to look for known electronics recycling companies that are focused on the recycling and refurbishment of parts.

When choosing a company for the recycling of the recyclables, ensure that you look at policies and certifications to determine where the material goes next. Reliable firms should deliver devices to secure and morally sound centers for recycling to recover valuable precious metals for the manufacturing of new products. This method can be referred to as “upcycling” wherein electronic products are recycled and transformed into other valuable products without releasing dangerous materials in the environment.

Prepare Items for Recycling

Below are some steps that you can make prior to the electronics recycling that will help in making the process easier: 

  • This means erasing any peripherals, connecting cables, discs or game console cartridges. 
  • For donations, clear all fields of personal data as stated above. 
  • To ensure that the sources are easily retrieved and processed, provide any passwords that are required to access the contents as well as format them.
  • Place cameras, MP3 players, routers and cords in small groups suitable for them, using bags or boxes. This packaging also prevents confusion and misplacement of the items and the materials used in the packaging process.
  • For electronic gadgets remove batteries whenever possible and recycle batteries separately. From this perspective, it is easier for recyclers to work faster, and this is made possible when they take some time and prepare at home.

Locate Drop off Centers or Organize Pickups

Some electronics recyclers offer drop-off sites accessible to people of the public to drop the devices. These sites have specific sections, usually in the form of containers or bins for sorting out the recycled electronics from the ones that will be disassembled or recycled for components or subcomponents. Employees assist in determining which products can be replenished or sold again as opposed to recycled.

Even more exciting, for large items such as TVs, printers, or appliances, some recyclers may facilitate pickup from your home. They pick the waste electronic products at your doorstep and take them to recycling depots for environmentally conscious processing. Try to call local companies and ask if it is possible to use this service from them.

Take Proper Measures Regarding the Disposal of Hazardous Substances

In addition to staple household items that are common in many houses, you may also have some other electrical appliances in your house that need proper handling. Products such as batteries, light bulbs, paints and cleaning chemicals, oils, pesticides etc come under this category as they possess dangerous ingredients. No item dangerous to the environment should be disposed of in the normal trash or recycling bin. Instead, look for waste management companies in your county who professionally deal with home toxins and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. This ensures that hazardous materials are not dumped on the landfills or disposed through incineration.


If you follow the right pathway of donating, reusing, and recycling your old electronic devices, this not only helps in minimizing e-waste but also in increasing the gadgets’ life cycle. Always delete data, choose only ethical recyclers, and take proper care of any hazardous materials. This is a call to promote awareness on how we can all reduce our impact on the environment by being conscious of what we consume and how we dispose of it. This is why the next generation will thank us for developing and promoting content marketing as a highly effective and efficient marketing strategy. Most important of all, GreenTek Reman offers ways on how you can do your part for the planet – contact us today!



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