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When Is the Best Time to Utilize ITAD Services?

ITAD services are beneficial for organizations since they assist them in the disposal of their unwanted and obsolete IT assets in a secure and sustainable way. Identifying when is the right time to use your ITAD provider can help you gain greater value from aging assets while minimizing risks regarding data security or compliance. This article also describes when it is best to use ITAD; This is the idea of regularly replacing equipment in order to avoid issues such as breakage, disconnection or any other problems that may arise from regular use and abuse.

Aligning IT Needs

Another thing that has been said about ITAD is that the best practice is to have a definite frequency of refreshing the whole computer, servers, copy machines, phones, and other IT equipment. By far, most organizations prefer to work within a cycle of about 3-5 years. By the time these assets achieve that age or the specified number of deployments, they should be prepared for redeployment to the ITAD provider. This means that to effectively coordinate the ITAD process, it is helpful to align the plan with a calendar that outlines when specific equipment should be replaced or retired. It also avoids holding on to a certain technology for too long because it is still effective in manufacturing.

Relocate Operations

Another good opportunity to employ ITAD is when a firm is moving locations or transferring operations to a new building or another region. The moving process presents perhaps the best time to go through technology and identify what is no longer necessary, or even worth moving to the new location. It might be that the processes that used to be performed by a particular piece of hardware have evolved over time or the efficiency of the hardware that was added to the system has been upgraded and is now performing those tasks. When it comes to office relocation, it’s possible to dramatically reduce moving costs by decommissioning unneeded equipment but only where possible to get value back through proper ITAD services.

Upgrade Existing Infrastructure

Other types of upgrades that can easily be aligned with concurrent ITAD programs include those in the IT infrastructure. In general, refresh of servers, storage systems, networks, data centers and other structures mostly leads to replacement of the prior technology generation. When organizations pass such equipment for disposition through Efficient IT Asset Disposition then not only is space created but organizations get to recover some of the cost through resale of the retired assets. This also assists with maintaining compliance when there could be restricted information on older hard copy storage media.

Address Security Vulnerabilities

Concerns in security threat and compliance regulations are also other aspects that make ITAD services relevant sometimes. Inadequate security is caused partly by using IT equipment that has aged or is declining to the point where continued use creates data breach risks. When security releases are not given to aging operating systems or applications, this becomes risky if the assets are still online. By determining which IT goods pose security threats or compliance risks, and then offloading them to specialists for the correct sanitization and disposal, threats are minimized.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions often make employees nervous about their jobs, thinking that they may lose them after the M&As have taken place. The M&A process sometimes results in creation of multiple facilities that require deactivation in terms of IT systems. Which may cause companies to rationalize computing resources as they often do after a merger or acquisition or consolidation if there are similar equipment performing like functions in both the organizations. Disposing of the aging or extra technology through green IT asset disposition services not only opens value trapped in those items but also helps to remove unnecessary items.

Tips to Manage Overflow of Inventory

Occasionally, ITAD needs may stem from situations such as when there is excess spare equipment inventory or when the warehouse space becomes saturated. It only reduces costs when network storage technologies that will be used for contingency or backup purposes are not purchased in excess of the amount that may be actually required. One of the critical issues that may occur is that data center development can expand faster than the capacity for physical floor area. Transporting end-of-life or duplicate assets to ITAD facilities aids in creating additional floor space for usable on-site space. It also means that operational expenses in terms of storing and maintaining products that have not been sold are eliminated.

Why Choose GreenTek Reman for ITAD Services

  • Experienced and certified – GreenTek Reman has spent more than fifteen years in the provision of IT asset disposition and properly recycles electronics through its R2 and e-Stewards certifications.
  • Environmentally conscious – This is because they aim at using and reusing electronics instead of disposing them in dumping sites which have negative effects on the environment. Their process types in a manner that aims at trying to obtain as much of it as they can for reusing or recycling.
  • Data security – They provide data erasure services that conform to the Department of Defense standard to guarantee no unauthorized person gains access to the information. Several measures to prevent the leakage of information exist, such as controlling the chain of custody.
  • Cost effective – They afford recovery value to support for the recovery value to help to offset disposal costs by concentrating in remarketing and remanufacturing of assets. From the aforesaid services, actual savings as compared to landfilling equipment can be achieved.
  • Responsible downstream – They only deal with accredited stakeholders in order to ensure that downstream players also observe environmental and data security. They are no exported or treated in any other way than they are allowed by law.
  • Geographical coverage – Due to the numerous centers for processing, they can easily attend to customers from all over the country. Every center befits high standardization.


Replacing aging IT equipment also enables organizations to optimize technology, enhance performance, continue protecting systems, create value recovery, and adhere to compliance. The several benefits that come with timely ITAD therefore make it fit to be incorporated into procurement replacement schedules, infrastructure developments, relocations, mergers or any point in time that risks and vulnerabilities are identified. Relative to operational requirements, vulnerabilities, and available bandwidth, evaluating current networks and inventory allows ITAD services to be performed at the right time. With proper planning, this is possible, so that the retirement process aligns with the continuing business operations with the help of new IT solutions. For more information, visit GreenTek Reman.



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