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10 Ways to Reduce Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, also called e-waste, technology waste and electronic equipment, is waste that is made up of electronics such as computers, mobile phones, televisions and more. With the advancement in technology, which is unveiled at a fast pace, there is a proportional increase of e-waste generation. Certainly, it has assumed a colossal proportion as an environmental problem. E-waste recycling is an important concept due to the environmental impacts that should be contained. Here are 10 straightforward steps you can take to reduce the amount of e-waste that is produced:

Choose to Have Quality Device

This line of cheap electronics is more susceptible to frequent breakdowns and cannot be fixed, thus contributing to the e-waste pile. pay a bit extra for brands, which build long-lasting and easily repairable electronics. For example, at GreenTek Reman we sell products that have been used before and show their new look by renovating them to work like they have never been used before. Buying remanufactured electronics here helps to divert e-waste, and it will also save you, the consumer, money.

Prolong Your Electronics’ Lifespans

Being mindful of them can help them to last for many years of use, without experiencing any major issues. Some parts of a smartphone are the screen and the body, the screen can be covered with thin films which are known as screen protectors as a way of protecting the screen from developing cracks and dents. Do not use apparatus in extreme hot or cold conditions or in areas of high or low humidity. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid stuffing electronics and to clean them with a soft cloth often. Upgrade the software and clear the space used by applications to run smoothly.

Don’t Replace – Repair

Instead of replacing damaged items, repair them because sometimes they are just worn out and could be used again if repaired. Its common to discard the electronics when they malfunction or fail leading to early upgrade. However, gadget replacement is done at a relatively high price compared to the cost of repairing the gadgets. For minor software hitches, use online videos to learn how to fix the problems on your own. Regarding the hardware problems, one should visit service shops or repair it on their own by replacing some parts. At GreenTek Reman, for example, we even purchase some damaged phones and computers to restore back.

Recycle Responsibly

As for any devices that incorporate electronics, their effective disposal is critical, as ultimately they cease to function. This e-waste is a source of other hazardous materials such as mercury as well as lead. They pollute ecosystems as well as create health risks to human beings when disposed of in the wrong manner. Search for genuine recyclers such as GreenTek Reman who will disassemble the items humanely to reuse the functioning components and material for crafting new products.

Avoid Duplicates 

Several variants of a charger may be produced due to differences in the technologies used in charging ports of various devices. Such variants are unnecessary and add to the number of chargers we have to use. Charging technologies are likely to change with time, and so it is better to use only essential chargers that will be relevant in the near future.

A closet filled with power cords knotted together and multiple of the same charger is not a too rare sight. Reduce this wire clutter! Time management and organizational skills are paramount: Use multiport USB chargers that work with different gadgets. Also, when purchasing new electronics, do not accept an additional charger if you currently possess chargers that are suitable for the item. Less unnecessary adapters produced helps in conserving resources and reduced chances of e-waste at the later date.

Print Less

Today, people use a large number of papers around the world, and the production of paper consumes a lot of water and energy and also leads to waste. Reduction of printing as people shift toward digital reading of documents and magazines instead of the conventional printed ones. Select and adopt e-billing and approach the management of financial accounts and payments online or on the telephone through mobile applications. It also helps in cutting the amount of paper usage as well as the need for printer equipment. 

Using Cloud Storage

The information of the store can be backed up in cloud storage facilities for safekeeping and easy retrieval in the future. Data backed up on external hard drives which finally develop some issues need to have the hardware replaced. Instead, use cloud services using Apps such as Google drive or iCloud as they provide capabilities for file sharing. Secure file storage for files stored on the cloud that are available to be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Cloud backup reduces the requirements for hardware to reduce e-waste that results from the replacement of devices where it is unnecessary.

Support Right-to-Repair Reform

Consumers are limited from performing repairs on their own or by third parties under warranties through making it difficult for them to access part, manual, or diagnostic software. Fortunately, the wave to address this is known as the right to repair movement that pushes for better repair rights legislation. Backing reform initiatives so that repairing electronics yourself or in local shops becomes more feasible, thereby reducing e-waste from unnecessary upgrades.

Make Conscious Purchases

When purchasing the new tech products, it is advised to compare the options and choose the more reliable brands that are like-minded to your vision on e-waste management. Seek extended warranties. Also, think about needs, and maybe do not buy some gizmos you might toss within a week. Every option that makes an ecological upgrade is beneficial, even if it is not very significant. Individually, we are all capable of causing harm but when everyone joins hands, this harm can be prevented.


Recycling electronics is a good thing for the environment, yet it can also be liberating for still-working gadgets that have been outlived by their owners. Your old electronics are probably fine, it’s simply that your new desires do not coincide with the capabilities of your older tech. Do not just leave them to collect dust in your storeroom, or just discard them, instead repurpose them. This is true because gadgets may be sold or donated to those who will enjoy them as much as you do. Another method of disposal is also employed in trading electronics in the market as used products. GreenTek Reman returns thousands of trade ins every year to working conditions that would have otherwise been disposed of as scrap.



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